A lineman from PSE&G was injured during Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts while working to restore electricity in New Jersey. As many victims of Hurricane Sandy are still without power and other resources days after the storm that wreaked havoc on the East Coast.


As more pressure is put on workers to get things back to normal, the company that employed the injured worker was admittedly shaken by the accident that hospitalized the worker. PSE&G issued additional safety messages to reinforce protocol in order to keep workers safe. Worker safety must take priority over the pressure to restore power across New York and New Jersey


The incident occurred as the worker was repairing a utility pole. He suffered an electric shock which ultimately stopped his heart. Fellow workers attempted emergency CPR until local police officers arrived at the scene to begin resuscitation efforts using a defibrillator and were able to revive the man.


The injured worker was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center and was said to be in stable condition. PSE&G officials praised the work of fellow co-workers for remaining calm and rushing to the aid of their colleague.