Orthopedic surgeons are physicians specializing in conditions of the musculoskeletal system. These specialists deal with broken bones, tendon and ligament problems, diseases of the joints, and cancers of the bone. The most common orthopedic surgeons include:

Hand Surgeons
Hand surgeons are particularly skilled in utilizing microsurgical methods to repair injuries to the hand. Some examples of the injury types hand surgeons deal with including reattaching severed thumbs, fingers, and limbs. Hand surgeons also are brought in to treat other conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and medical conditions affecting the tendons of the fingers.

Total Joint Replacement Surgeons
These medical doctors are focused primarily on replacing joints afflicted with disease, particularly within the hips or knee injuries. Today’s medical technology allows these surgeons to perform total joint replacement surgeries with minimal invasive procedures and faster healing time.

Spine Surgeons
Orthopedic surgeons can be consulted for conditions affecting the spine either on their own or in conjunction with neurosurgeons when the bones of the spine contain disease. This type of surgeon is mostly commonly known for their specialization in spinal fusion surgeries when disks are out of place or when spinal nerves are trapped.  Traumatic injuries to the spine may also be tended to by spine surgeons.

Sports Medicine Surgeons
Orthopedic surgeons must complete training in the field of sports medicine in order to provide surgical procedures related to sports injuries. Such surgeons are trained extensively in assessing injuries, comprehending MRI results, and performing arthroscopic surgery. They tend to deal most with cartilage and ligament injuries as well as shoulder injuries.