There are several notable jobs that have an increased level of risk involved in everyday duties. Being a police officer is one of those jobs. Recently, two New York police officers experienced that risk in a serious way. Both were shot by suspects of a crime in two different incidents and were lucky to survive.

Officers Roberto Salerno and Ricardo Ramirez were shot when responding to a job call. Officer Salerno was shot twice in the torso with one bullet landing and staying it his hip. Officer Ramirez was shot by a man on a bike. He was also shot three times, once in the stomach and twice in the leg. Both officers feel lucky to be alive but the incidents highlight the importance of safety in the workplace.

The incidents earned both officers were hailed as heroes and were both promoted to the rank of detective. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly held the promotion ceremony at the Police headquarters recently after both officers had made recoveries from the separate March incidents.

The Police Commission had said that both officers ‘made remarkable recoveries' despite being shot at close range multiple times.