In the recent news headline where 60 foot metal beams fell from a broken crane at the World Trade Center site, the crane operator required medical attention from the trauma of witnessing the beam fall, mistakenly thinking someone had been killed.

Luckily no one was hurt during the on the job accident but the crane operator still needed to be treated for the trauma. This is not uncommon. Many bystanders that witness accidents on the job find it difficult to deal with the emotions they experience watching a coworker get hurt or killed in the workplace. While the bystander may not have suffered any physical injuries, the mental damage done can be just as devastating.

Consider the emotional toll soldiers take during battle. Seeing others they know and are often close to be injured or killed can have long lasting consequences and require medical intervention. It may include short or long-term treatment for depression and other mental health issues. This depression and even feelings of guilt over an accident can make a personal unable to return to work and their normal job duties.

Post-traumatic stress can also lead to chronic health conditions as the stress takes a physical toll on the body. This can lead to a number of problems like ulcers, hair loss, and anxiety. If the root of the problem is not dealt with, the medical conditions can continue to worsen.

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