Employees that do not miss work on occasion are few and far between. There are many mostly legitimate reasons people take a day off of work and there are genuine, proven reasons people miss work. Still there are even some of the most utterly ridiculous reasons people are playing hooky from their desk.


The job search website CareerBuilder.com once offered a survey to poll people about the reasons they missed work. Some of the recorded answers were so crazy, you really have to read them for yourself to believe them. Poor excuses may bring out the laughs but they can also put your job in serious jeopardy.


Here are some of the priceless answers offered by the survey results:


  • One employee insisted they donated too much blood and was not feeling quite up to par to attend work that day.


  • One employee admitted absence from the job as they were recently kicked by a deer.


  • An employee claimed to management they had to miss out on work because of a heart attack before work but he later noted he felt all better.


  • A boss has the fortune of hearing that the employee’s psychic advised her to stay home and miss work that day.


  • An unfortunate employee reported he could not show up for work that day on account of his angry wife having burned up all of his clothing and he had nothing to wear to work that day.


As funny as some of these excuses seem, management likely will see right through you and the issues of irresponsibility could garner you a pink slip in the very near future.