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You may be regarded as the workplace clown because of your talent for telling the best jokes and your reputation for being goofy. If your sense of humor carries over into your work performance you may be on the hunt for a new job. Poor work excuses are likely to get you caught. If you want to be funny, know that your boss may be the only one laughing when he terminates you for not handling your job duties.


There are many legitimate reasons you may have to miss work including a well-deserved mental health day but it is advisable to be upfront with your supervisor even if you screwed up and missed out on a work day. Coming up with ridiculous excuses is likely to leave your looking unprofessional and unserious about your job.


If you are so unhappy at your job that you feel the need to constantly make excuses to skip out on work, it may be time to consider getting a new line of work. If you jeopardize your work abilities where you are currently, you may find it hard to have a good reference going into a new job opportunity.


While the excuses people give to get out of work may be a source of laughter, it is no laughing matter to be out of a job in a tough economy. If you have to miss work for legitimate medical reasons or due to an injury received on the job, have the proof of medical treatment and doctor’s recommendation.