Drug testing is being used more often in the workplace, schools, and other places where health and safety issues are of concern. The testing can be done in one of three ways – urine, blood, or hair. Blood and hair testing for the presence of illegal drugs are known to be the most reliable forms of testing. People have been relying on a urine drug test in order to fake results when drugs, in fact, are on their system.

Urine testing may have more loopholes than blood and hair testing. Individuals have been touting solutions for scoring a negative result when tests should show positive. Some of the more common fraudulent testing tactics including using someone else’s urine, sending a different person in for testing, and digesting certain ingredients to ‘fool’ the test.


The reason employers use drug tests before hiring a new employee or whenever an accident on the job occurs is to protect themselves and the other workers. Those using illegal drugs while on the job are a liability. In the event an accident occurs at work and the person responsible is under the influence of drugs, there can be many legal complications should someone be injured or killed. If an injured worker is found to have drugs in their system at the time of the accident, they will likely lose their rights to workers compensation benefits.


Trying to fake a drug test is a ridiculous notion, especially if you are serious about getting a job or keep the one you have. It is never wise to take illegal drugs at any time and doing so can seriously impact your ability to find or keep gainful employment. The many ‘tricks’ for fooling drug tests do not work reliably. Knowingly going for a drug test when under the influence can have a serious impact on your ability to earn an income.