When job duties entail repetitive motions, it can place stress on various parts of the body. Over a period of time, it can increase to a point where it affects the ability to perform work tasks and it may necessitate treatment. One example is tendinitis, which could qualify injured employees in New York for workers’ compensation benefits.

What Is Tendinitis? 

Tendinitis is inflammation of the tendons, the tissue that connects muscles to bones. Frequently, this condition is diagnosed in the arm, shoulder, wrist, heel, and knee, but can occur elsewhere.

How Does Tendonitis Occur?

Tendinitis can occur when a worker is required to use repetitive motions, such as hammering, using a screwdriver, or lifting materials. But it can also occur when tasks are performed regularly in awkward positions. The risk of developing tendonitis increases with age because tendons become less flexible.

Industries, where workers are commonly diagnosed with tendinitis, include:

  • dentistry
  • painting
  • construction
  • carpentry
  • shipping
  • cleaning
  • sanitation 
  • nursing

The reality is that anyone in any industry could end up with this painful medical condition.

Treatment of Tendinitis

Tendinitis can typically be treated conservatively with:

  • restphysical therapy for tendinitis
  • restricting movement
  • medication to reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • gentle stretching
  • strengthening exercises
  • physical therapy

When these forms of treatment don’t work, the doctor may recommend corticosteroid injections. But if several months go by and there is still no improvement, surgery could become necessary. A torn tendon would need to be repaired and in some cases, it might even be removed. Rehabilitation typically follows surgery.

None of these medical treatments are inexpensive and to make matters worse, tendinitis can impact an employees ability to do their job. Workers’ compensation, however, can help to ensure that financial ruin doesn’t occur because of a tendinitis diagnosis.

Tendinitis and Workers’ Compensation Claims

When job-related tasks cause tendinitis, workers’ compensation can cover medical costs to treat it. That being said, it can be extremely difficult to prove that repetitive on the job motions caused the injury to occur. This is why many workers’ compensation claims for tendinitis are denied outright by the insurance companies.

Steps You Can Take To Help Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you are hurt and unable to work, you need to notify your employer, even if you have been diagnosed with a condition that could develop over a long period of time.  As soon as your doctor provides gives you a diagnosis and clearly states that your injury is related to work, it’s time to let your employer know.

New York requires that injured workers inform their employers in writing about their injuries. This notice must be given within 30 days of the date of injury or the date when the injury was made known.

You will need to complete a workers’ comp form (C-3) and submit it to the nearest office if you are going to miss time from work. It is then your responsibility to follow the doctor’s instructions in order to recover quickly and hopefully return to work.

What Can Be Done If A Tendinitis Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

Claims are denied regularly for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the employer doesn’t believe that tendinitis is related to the job and disputes the claim. In other cases, a simple mistake on the claim form results in a denial. Thankfully you have the right to file an appeal.

In order to successfully win an appeal, an ample amount of evidence proving your claim must be presented and the case will likely go before a judge. Without the help of an experienced legal team, winning an appeal is very difficult.

Why Should I Bother With An Appeal If I Have Health Insurance?

Even if you have the best health insurance available you will have significant out of pocket expenses. In addition to this, health insurance will not help to cover the loss of wages which may occur if you are unable to return to work. Imagine having to pay significant medical bills without an income – what kind of financial strain would this place on you and your loved ones?

The Disability Guys Have Decades Of Experience Helping Injured Workers

When you’ve been hurt on the job you need a powerhouse legal team that you can trust. At The Disability Guys, our legal team has dedicated their careers to helping injured workers in New York. We can help you with both an initial claim or an appeal and we also review each claim to determine if a personal injury lawsuit is also possible. We do this so that our clients can obtain the maximum compensation possible.

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