Although White Plains, New York is now home to more than 1 million people, this New York City suburb had humble beginnings. 

How Did White Plains Get Its Name?

White Plains, New York near workers comp law firmWhen Dutch settlers first arrived, the area that is now called White Plains was actually just that – plains covered in White Balsam, a type of evergreen. Prior to European settlement, the Wecquaesgeek had farmed in this area. Then in 1683, a ground of Puritans from Connecticut bought 4,400 acres from the Wacquaaesgeek. 

A small settlement was established called White Plains continued to grow over many decades. In 1758, the local colonial government moved its seat to the then small town. However, it wasn’t until 1788, after the Revolutionary War, that the town of While Plains was officially created. 

The Battle Of White Plains 

When George Washington was forced to retreat from New York, the British hoped to cut off his retreat. Washington stopped and fought the British in White Plains, once again losing his ground. He was forced to retreat even further north. 

The British kept control of New York and most of the surrounding areas for the remainder of the war, only leaving when they sailed back to their homeland. 

At the end of the Revolutionary War, the town census showed that there was a total of 505 people, 46 of whom were slaves. 

It didn’t take long, however, for the number of residents to rapidly swell and White Plains was incorporated as a city in 1916. 

White Plains was named the country seat, making it an important legal and banking center. A new County Court House was constructed in the early 1900s and all along Main Street, new buildings were built. 

White Plains: A Business Center 

Likely due to the rising costs of operating a business in New York City, many major companies decided to move from the city to White Plains. A few examples of companies that moved their headquarters to White Plains include Nestle, IBM, PepsiCo, Snapple, and Hitachi. Today, White Plains is home to both national and international businesses, providing thousands of job opportunities to local residents. 

Additionally, White Plains is the home of the United States Tennis Association. 

Residents and employees can commute easily to places like downtown Manhattan with a 30-minute express train providing an easy trip. 

White Plains: A City With Seasons 

Anyone who is considering a move to White Plains should know that every season is experienced in this city. This means that in addition to beautiful sunny days in July, residents also experience beautiful snowy days in January. 

Residents have many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in every single season and that’s what is part of what makes White Plains such a great place to live – there is literally something for everyone to enjoy!  

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