This article on the history of the Brooklyn neighborhood, Carroll Gardens, is brought to you by the Carroll Gardens workers’ compensation lawyers at The Disability Guys.

Carroll Gardens sits in the northwest area of Brooklyn and takes up a full 40 blocks.

Carroll Gardens In The 19th Century

It was during the 19th century that Irish immigrants to New York created a settlement in Carroll Gardens. The growth in the area was aided by philanthropists who wanted to increase the transportation lines through the area to Green-Wood Cemetary. Ultimately, this increased transportation also resulted in workers being able to find jobs and commute to Manhattan.

Green areas were purposefully developed in the area, including gardens and playgrounds.

Carroll Gardens In The Last Century

Carroll Gardens park near workers' comp law firm. There was an influx of Italian immigrants in the early 1900s and by the 1920s, the Mafia played a role in the neighborhood, although the neighborhood was generally left untouched because it sat between territories controlled by the Gambino family ad the Columbo family and was considered neutral territory.

In the 1960s, many young professionals made their home in Carroll Gardens due to the fact that the area provides easy access to Manhattan and the neighborhood has a reputation for being quiet and safe.

In the 1990s, Carroll Gardens saw an increase in the number of French immigrants and one of the only dual-speaking French-English schools is in the area.

Things Of Note In Carroll Gardens

Here are a few notable things to do and see in Carroll Gardens, New York:

Visit The Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

This amazing spot is housed in a former 1920s apothecary which sat frozen in time for years before the current owners made it into an old-time ice cream and soda fountain shop.  You’ll be transported into the past when you set foot in this amazing space to get your next tasty treat!

Take A Class At La Casita

If you enjoy knitting and yarn, then you have to visit La Casita! This amazing shop also offers fun classes by a roaring fire.

Stop By Carroll Park

Spend some time outdoors at Carroll Park by yourself or with your family ad friends. Read a book on a park bench, play with your kids on the playground, or enjoy one of the recreational courts.

Our Carroll Gardens workers’ comp legal team hopes you’ve enjoyed reading all about this great Brooklyn neighborhood. To learn more about Carroll Gardens, read our post on auto body shops in the area.