Are you looking for a list of the best things to do one your own or with friends and family in Brooklyn? Consider this list created by the workers’ comp lawyers at Markhoff & Mittman, who wanted to share their favorite things to do in this amazing borough that has a rich history. 

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 

Spanning a full 52-acres in the heart of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is a great place for those who need a break from the city and want to take in nature. Founded over a century ago, the gardens were specifically planned so that some green space could be preserved in the rapidly growing city. 

Visitors can walk through gardens with seasonal blooms, can enjoy the water and herb garden, and can learn all about bonsai. Adults and children can take classes and participate in workshops. Getting married soon? You can host your wedding or other private events in the Botanical Gardens! 

Visit DUMBO 

Nope, we aren’t talking about the elephant. DUMBO is short for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Underpass and is a very trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn that used to be an industrial area. Today, it’s one of New Yorks best known art districts. 

So if art is your thing, grab a coffee and stroll through DUMBO!

Check Out The New York Transit Museum 

If you love to travel, even locally, you may enjoy a visit to the New York Transit Museum, which serves to preserve the history of mass transit – a transit that undeniably makes New York easy to traverse. 

The exhibits, which are housed in a full city block, talk about societal impact and not only discuss the past but also the potential future of mass transit. 

The Brooklyn Flea 

Shoppers rejoice at the Brooklyn Flea which is a massive flea market with hundreds of vendors. In fact, this flea market is so amazing that Fodor’s and Budget Travel named it one of the best markets in both the U.S. and the world. 

Be sure to check their website before planning a visit, as not all locations are open during certain seasons. 

Enjoy Barge Music

Did you know that New York has a floating concert hall? This barge, known as BargeMusic, is moored under the Brooklyn Bridge. This former coffee barge has been turned into a music hall that has excellent acoustics. 

Visitors can experience this amazing music hall all year round! 

Outside House Of Wax in Brooklyn near workers' comp lawyerExperience The House Of Wax

This exhibit may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is certainly unique! Here you can see a full body wax of a serial killer, can see wax depictions of the birthing process, and various wax examples of several diseases. The collection was originally housed in Berlin but was saved by an oddities collector and moved to Brooklyn to be stored and shared in a room behind the ticket booth of the Alamo Drafthouse. 

The Crown Finish Caves 

There aren’t many residents in Brooklyn who realize that there is cheese aging right below their feet! Located in the Crown Height’s neighborhood, the “caves” are the former vaults of the Nassau Brewing Company. 

Cheeses from local farmers and overseas vendors arrive regularly to undergo a centuries-old process called affinage. 

While you can’t tour the facility because of the risk of contamination, you can host your private event in a “cave” that doesn’t contain cheese! You can also obtain a list of local places to purchase the cheeses that have emerged from the process. 

Torah Animal World 

In 2008, Torah Animal World opened. Designed by a rabbi, this townhouse has a collection of taxidermied animals that were named in the Old Testament and the Talmud. The one exception? The pig is not included as many of the more religious visitors don’t want to even see this creature. 

An appointment is required to visit. 

We hope that you enjoy at least one of the things to do that we’ve suggested! Also, check out our workers’ comp lawyer’s favorite places to eat and our article on the history of Brooklyn