A New Jersey employee of Target was arrested for workers compensation fraud despite her great attempts to stage the perfect crime. Victoria Colon went to great lengths to fake an on the job injury including loosening a shelf  so merchandise would fall on her, running herself over with a shopping cart full of items, hitting her own face with a pack of batteries, and vomiting her snack all over the floor.

Despite her measured calculations to pull off the perfect scheme, the 28 year old Union City resident forgot one small detail – the security cameras in the store recording every last detail of her elaborate plot. The 10 minute video captured all of Colon’s antics and now may hold the key to putting her in prison for up to 10 years if she is convicted for her fraud.

Colon was employed in the customer service area of the North Bergen Target where the incidents took place. She claimed that on June 2 she was carried a box when it hit a shelf and triggered other merchandise to fall on her, striking her in the head, back, and neck. The store was quick to react and launched an investigation, starting with the video tape after Colon filed for workers compensation benefits.

Ultimately, Colon received no benefits and was arrested on January 17 for the fraud attempts. She is currently out on bail and it will be several more months until her case goes to trial.