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Surgical Procedures for a Torn Meniscus & Covering Costs in Workers€’ Comp

Each knee contains two menisci, which keep the knee joint stable and provide cushion between the femur (thighbone) and tibia (shinbone). If you suffer a meniscus tear while you’re at work in New York, surgery may not be necessary. You may be lucky enough to get off with resting, rehab exercises, and other conservative treatment options.

However, if these treatments are unsuccessful, you may have to undergo surgery. Further, sometimes no option but surgery exists, such as in cases of severe tears. If that is the case, you should know the type of surgical options that exist. Fortunately, though, workers’ compensation in New York specifies that any medical costs the worker incurs are covered under his employer’s workers’ comp insurance.

Surgery for a Meniscus Tear

As mentioned before, surgery may not be needed. In the May 20, 2013 issue of the New York Post, health expert Lewis G. Maharam, known as the Running Doc™, relays how he has patients squat down and walk like a duck when they have meniscus trouble.

No pain and the ability to squat indicate that there is probably no meniscus tear so there is no need to undergo surgery. If they are unable, surgery may be necessary.

Arthroscopic surgery may be necessary to treat a meniscus tear instead of more invasive methods. This type of procedure not only allows the surgeon to treat the tear, but also allows it to be assessed first, according to Dr. Frank A. Cordasco of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

This involves making a small incision rather than the standard large incision used in more invasive procedures. The surgeon will use a small camera that feeds to a monitor in the operating room to provide visibility for assessment. The surgeon will then use tiny instruments to perform any necessary repairs. What’s more, if the patient suffered multiple injuries in the knee, like an ACL tear, arthroscopic surgery may treat these additional injuries as well.

Most patients only undergo a local anesthesia instead of general anesthetic used in more invasive surgeries. Furthermore, most patients go home the same day.

Treatment Costs for Meniscus Tear Surgery

Workers may incur various damages because of their torn meniscus, including those for their meniscus repair surgery and missed time from work.  If your injury occurred during the course of your employment, workers’ comp can provide benefits to pay for medical costs like treatment and surgery as well as disability benefits while you are unable to work.

Even if you are able to return to work but in a limited capacity that pays you lower wages, workers’ comp may cover a portion of the difference between your previous wages and current ones.

While many workers do not face problems recovering damages, some may encounter problems recovering fair benefits, establishing the severity of their impairment, or proving the injury is work-related. In such cases these workers or those who simply need assistance filing a claim may require assistance from an attorney.

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