Missing work is not uncommon for addicts and in light of the dangers of working with someone who is impaired, it may actually be better for impaired individuals to stay far away from a job site as possible in the interest of other’s safety. There have been many on the job accidents which have resulted due to the negligence of a person under the influence. Individuals battling addictions are often the last to know just how serious their situation is.

While it may be safer to have an impaired worker stay home when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, management will likely not tolerate a large number of call offs. Many people struggling with addictions have lost their jobs due to missing work and as a result their addictions spiral much farther out of control. Some addicts are really good at covering up their behaviors but when things in their lives become out of control due to drugs and alcohol, jobs are often the first thing to go.

Unfortunately, those who are able to maintain some functionality while under the influence and report to work daily on time and ready to work, pose a serious threat to the safety of the workplace. Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol reduces one’s ability to make good judgment calls, think clearly, and perform tasks with total focus. This leads to accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Consider an employed driver reporting to work still high. It can only take a second for the employee to become involved in an accident, injuring or killing themselves and many innocent people who happen to be on the road that day.

Those facing a struggle with addiction are often unaware or completely stubborn about their abilities, with many living day to day in denial. That denial can be a danger to anyone they work with, including themselves. Their inability to realize they are not able to safely perform their job poses a safety threat to everyone else. In some cases, when confronted by co-workers or management, addicts have lost their tempers, resulting in an added threat – violence on the job.

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