While professional sports players may get a lot of attention and fame for their talents on the field or the court, the reality is for the most part professional sports players are doing a job. When they get injured on the job and are no longer able to move like they are known to do, they are also at risk for losing their income and financial stability.

Professional athletes are at a higher risk of serious injury each time they attend practice and games. Repetitive motion injuries are common in these players and many will end a career with an injury that takes them down. Head injuries, back injuries, and blown out knees are common injuries among basketball players, baseball players, football players, and so on.

The physicality of their jobs can cost them greatly. One minute they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and the next they have few options to earn the living they used to earn when healthy. Additionally it becomes more difficult to keep public adoration when you can no longer do anything for your team. It can difficult to be injured and ostracized at your job.

It is not only pro athletes that face these issues when hurt on the job. People that work regular 9-5 jobs are often bullied by management and harassed by co-workers when they are hurt at work. It can be a difficult situation to navigate in addition to getting the proper medical treatment, facing income loss, and trying to return to normal life.

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