The recent story of a Queens woman who discovered her Social Security benefits checks were being redirected to a city agency brings to light the importance of your rights as a Social Security recipient.


The Queens woman had an application unknowingly filed on her behalf to say she was not mentally capable of handling her own money and a third-party was necessary to take over control of her benefits checks. It turned out the woman was not incapable of managing her checks and after a long process she was finally able to correct the system’s mistake.


Dealing with the Social Security Administration can go smoothly at all times or you may need legal guidance, especially during the initial filing for your benefits. Many times initial benefits applications are denied because of small mistakes or incomplete applications. After denial, many will just give up rather than pursue an appeal with the help of a qualified attorney. While many believe they can do everything on their own, the reality is that navigating the system can be more complicated than some people are prepared to deal with, especially for the elderly.


An experienced Social Security disability attorney such as those on our legal team makes the process much less complicated thereby reducing the stress on the applicant. In the case of the Queens woman, she stated in the news that the stress of the ordeal to appeal her case had taken a great toll on her physical health.


If you have a disability and need to file for benefits, give our team a call before you file any paperwork. We can reduce the frustration of a denial and provide guidance through the entire process so you can access the benefits you rely on without complications.