Reconsideration is the process that follows a claimant being denied for Social Security disability benefits.  Essentially, reconsideration is the start of the appeals process for the claim. Cases which have been denied and appealed will then be redirected to a different disability examiner. In general, roughly 80% of the reconsideration requests are denied the same as the initial request.  The other 20% of claims do win reconsideration.

It is the decision of the disability examiner at the Disability Determination Section that provides a reconsideration determination. Claimants typically do not ever know who the examiner is.  If your initial Social Security disability benefits claim is denied, you will need to go through the process of reconsideration as there is no alternative in the majority of states. However, there are a few states that have abolished the reconsideration process through the Social Security Administration. In these states, an immediate request for a hearing will need to be filed before an Administrative Law Judge if the initial decision is not in your favor.

In states with and without reconsideration, claimants that have been denied for reconsideration of Social Security disability benefits will receive a letter from the Social Security Administration office which will provide further details about the next steps you will need to take. After an initial claim is denied, it is highly recommended claimants get the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in handling Social Security disability claim denials.  Such attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of handling denied claims and can provide guidance which better supports your claim for benefits.