A Queens woman has been subjected a lot of undue stress and aggravation after the Social Security Administration began sending her checks elsewhere. Beverley Byrne, a 70 year old Forest Hills resident has said the situation has been fixed but certainly should be investigated.


Byrne discovered her Social Security checks were redirected to the Human Resource Administration of the city in May by mistake. An application was made with the city to have Byrne’s checks handled by the agency claiming she was not able to take care of herself. The application listed Byrne as living alone and had no other family members. However, Byrne not only has family, she lives with her husband Patrick.


Byrne used to work as an advertising executive and while she does suffer from some health complications, she had to get a letter from her doctor confirming she was mentally capable of handling her money. She is a client of Adult Protective Services but due to privacy laws, her case could not be discussed. The agency acts as a ‘safety net’ for those who are in need of assistance.


After many phone calls and visits to the office. Byrne still had to ask for intervention from a city councilwoman and the Daily News. The Human Resource Administration is believed to have made the error due to miscommunication. The councilwoman who helped Byrne said the agency has a large case load and not enough people to handle the work. The agency stated that anyone can appeal their case as Byrne did.


Byrne, who suffers from emphysema and arthritis, said the ordeal has made her physical health worse from the stress of the situation and hopes the matter will be investigated so others will not have to go through what she has. The Social Security Administration would also not discuss the case due to privacy laws.