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Social Security Benefits for HIV/AIDS Patients

Those living with HIV or AIDS may qualify for Social Security benefits when their illness makes it impossible for them to perform their job duties to earn a living. In order to qualify for these benefits, the disability will need to have a long-term effect on your life for at least a year or if the diagnosis is expected to result in your death.

How much you will receive in benefits for an HIV or AIDS diagnosis will be dependent on how much money you earned during the time you were gainfully employed. For those not employed long enough to qualify for benefits, Supplemental Security Income may be an additional resource for your financial needs. Medicare benefits can also be applied for those receiving disability payments for a period of 24 months. These benefits can help cover the cost of treatment, hospital care, hospice care, and other medical needs.

It is very important to ensure you have the proper medical paperwork concerning your diagnosis and treatment for HIV or AIDS to provide to the Social Security Administration. Our legal team can help ensure the documentation is thorough so your benefits can be approved as quickly as possible. Many Social Security benefit applications are denied immediately for being incomplete. Working with an experienced Social Security disability attorney can help avoid the missteps people often take when filing for benefits.