The Acting Commissioner of Social Security has announced the agency’s website is now mobile friendly. Those with smartphone devices can access the website using iPhone, Android, Windows, or Blackberry devices.


Smartphone users can review the FAQ section of the agency’s website. Users can also access the necessary documents to file for a new Social Security number or order a replacement card. English and Spanish language options are also available on the site.


Mobile visitors to the Social Security website can take part in tutorials for creating an account online. Interaction through social media is also available for those using Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, and Twitter. For those unable to complete their business online, an easy to use field office location service provides exact directions to the nearest office to one’s current location.


The agency’s representatives commented in a press release about the commitment to meeting the needs of Americans. The mobile site is a step in keeping up with the country’s changing environment. Last year it is estimated that more than 35 million page views for the SSA came from smartphone access.


Smartphone users can view the new mobile-friendly website at