There are many on the job accidents that can cause injuries to your mouth and potentially the subsequent loss of teeth. These mouth injuries can be caused by slips and falls, being hit directly in the face with materials or equipment, or due to another co-worker’s act of violence.

Mouth injuries, especially where lost or broken teeth are involved, require immediate medical attention. Emergency oral surgery may be necessary in order to save remaining teeth or to eliminate the pain caused by broken teeth. Follow up appointments with a dentist or oral surgeon may also be required in order to repair the damage or to replace lost teeth with implants if damage is too severe.

Oral surgeons specialize in pulling teeth and performing operations primary dentists do not do. They specialize in surgical procedures for tooth injuries or tooth-related medical conditions. It is important to seek treatment for your mouth injuries as many other health conditions can develop of infections in the mouth or those affecting gums and teeth are not treated properly.

If you have suffered a mouth injury at work, it is important to seek prompt medical care to preserve your teeth and gums. Follow up care should also be completed especially in the case of an infection where antibiotics and other medications are prescribed.

Work-related mouth injuries can require ongoing treatment so you will need to protect your rights to a workers compensation claim to ensure your medical costs are covered. Contact our legal team toll free at 888-799-3918 or use our online contact form for more information.