If the proposed bill to change the Scaffold Law in the State of New York passes, anyone injured on a construction site in New York will certainly need the experience of a workers compensation attorney to fight their scaffold-related work injury claim.


Making employees responsible for part or all of a construction-related accident involving scaffolding can open the doors to employers not being held liable for injuries you receive. It will at the least make it more difficult for an employee to prove their side of the case without an experienced attorney’s help and guidance.


Falls from scaffolding on a construction job site is one of the leading reasons employees die. For the accident victims not suffering a fatal fall, they still likely face a lifetime of chronic pain and medical complications from the fall. This will leave them with a never-ending stack of medical bills and no income. Ultimately if the accident is proved to be all your fault, you may have no recourse or help for the present or for your future.


Working on or around a scaffold is a very dangerous job. Not only is it important you protect yourself by ensuring your employer has provided the right equipment to keep you safe, it is important to protect your rights to recover compensation costs from injuries you sustain whether or not the changes to New York’s Scaffold Law are passed.