There have been an additional 5,000 workers who have found work due to Hurricane Sandy that were previously unemployed. The Disaster National Emergency Grant has provided $27 million for cleanup efforts after the October hurricane. This money has significantly helped those who have been out of work for far too long.


The grant was provided to hire additional workers to clean up the hardest hit communities in New York including the Bronx, Kings, Nassau, Queens, Rockland, Suffolk, Sullivan, Westchester, and Ulster counties.


While many workers are happy to be earning income again, there is an increased concerned especially by OSHA about the workers’ safety. Employers are hiring more individuals but are quickly running out of the necessary protective equipment like goggles, respirators, and full body suits. With the amount of dangerous chemicals, mold, and other hazards, hired workers may be putting their health at risk during cleanup efforts.


OSHA is also concerned about the lack of training being provided to the temporary workers. The workers report they are being paid well for their services but are not being properly trained to remediate the hazardous conditions they face. OSHA has been visiting many of the work sites on a daily basis to ensure safety protocol is being met.