Tropical storm Sandy caused a lot of damage along the East Coast, but most people had plenty of warning to seek adequate shelter. An employee of the University of Connecticut's Dining Services, however, did not heed warnings as he walked along McMahon Residence Hall.


As the man walked across campus, the escalating wind blew down tree limbs. One of those limbs landed on the UConn employee, who was taken to Windham Regional Hospital for treatment. He is in stable condition and recovering from the injury.


Tree limbs and other debris also caused many of the residence halls to lose power. Luckily, most of the university's residence halls have backup generators.


Reports have not made it clear whether the injured employee was actually working when he was struck. Regardless, he may file for workers' compensation to pay for medical treatment and any pay that he might miss.


The University of Connecticut could not have possibly prevented limbs from falling as tropical storm Sandy headed up the coast. Trimming dead limbs can help prevent injury during typical storms, but tropical storms have powerful gusts that can cause healthy limbs to fall.


If the employee were working when the injury took place, though, the university could be held accountable for putting him in danger. Although Tolland County, where UConn is located, was not hit especially hard by the storm, residents of the area were advised to stay indoors.


The university cancelled classes and non-essential employees were allowed to stay home on Tuesday, October 30.