A Midtown Manhattan sushi restaurant was the scene of a fire that caused three workers at the restaurant injuries including one left with serious burns.  The Eno restaurant was involved in a fire after a worker triggered a fire after hauling gasoline in a 5 gallon soy sauce container. Some of the gasoline spilled in the kitchen area which ignited a fire.


A few cleanup workers charged with trimming trees in the wake of Hurricane Sandy were in the restaurant eating. The workers, from upstate New York, came to the aid of the worker to help extinguish the flames. One of the restaurant workers is still hospitalized, recovering from burns received in the fire.


Fire investigators believe the worker hauling the gasoline may have been hoarding the fuel. The worker disappeared after the fire broke out. The hoarding of gasoline is becoming more common as the city and surrounding areas are facing crisis level gas shortages.


Fire officials are urging the public to avoid storing gasoline in any building whether or not the fuel is contained in an approved container. Despite the obvious need for gasoline, the potential for explosions and fires is too great with the improper handling of gasoline and other explosive fuels.