In the aftermath of the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed more than one thousand people, a ray of hope was brought to light when a female worker was discovered still alive in the wreckage.


The woman, now recovering in a hospital, reported she was working on the third floor of the building when it collapsed around here. After the collapse, she was trapped within concrete of the building in total darkness. Around her was three of her fellow co-workers who had perished in the collapse. The temperatures in Bangladesh were above 90 degrees with high levels of humidity. Despite the conditions, the worker was surprisingly well upon being discovered.


The woman was able to survive the nightmare by using a pipe that gave her access to fresh air. She was also able to find dried food near her deceased co-workers. After 15 days, the food finally ran out and she had only bottled water to live on.


As demolition crews were brought in to bring down the rest of the structure, the worker could hear other people. She started pounding on the pipe to call attention to herself. Even with the heavy machinery on site, an Army Sergeant was able to hear her pleas for help. Workers soon were able to begin removing the wreckage to free the woman. It took 40 minutes to get the woman out of the structure.


Medical personnel have stated that despite minor bruises and patches of missing hair, the worker otherwise was in good health. The government however has been hit with much criticism for its lack of supervision in the garment industry in the area which produces clothing for many of the most well-known retailers across the globe.