An elevator repairman joined the ranks of the thousands of New York workers who are injured on the job every year when the elevator he was working on suddenly released and came crashing down on him.

Repairman Crushed Under Elevator

On July 5th, 2017, the victim and a coworker had been sent to a building on Lafayette St in NoHo to make some routine repairs. They were midway through the job when suddenly, the cab of the elevator fell, crushing the man and elevator shafttrapping him.

His screams of pain were so loud that a man working across the street in a different building could hear him for a full three minutes. “It sounded like a bulldozer fell over.” said the witness, describing the sound the elevator made when it landed.

Emergency crews arrived within minutes and while they figured out the quickest method to pull him out, they administered IV pain medications. Then, using a ladder and a hoist, they pulled the elevator off of him and rushed him to the hospital where he was treated for life-threatening injuries. Doctors are hopeful that he will survive but he may lose an arm.

Stop Work Order Issued By DOB

The New York Department of Buildings has issued a stop work order on the job site until they are able to perform a full investigation and determine what caused the cab to suddenly go into freefall.

The DOB has the power to issue these orders not only when an accident has already occurred but also if they determine that working conditions on a job site are dangerous and corrections need to be made before workers will be allowed to return.

Career Ending Injuries: What Can A Worker Do?

While the best outcome may occur and doctors are able to save the repairman’s arm, that still doesn’t mean that he will be able to regain full function. Even if he does, he has a long hard road ahead of him, one that is likely filled with expensive medical bills.

Thankfully, injured New Yorkers have the right to file for workers’ compensation. This claim is supposed to provide them with payments that will cover their medical expenses and even a fraction of their lost wages. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these claims are denied.

Common Reasons For A Denial

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to not pay claims and save the company money. In fact, many adjusters are trained to look for even the smallest reason to deny a claim or reduce the amount of money that is paid out. Some of the most common reasons for a denial include:

  • a mistake made on the claim form
  • an employer who is contesting the claim
  • the injury wasn’t witnessed and the insurance company is attempting to claim it occurred elsewhere

While these denials can be appealed, it can be difficult to obtain the full coverage that is both needed and deserved without the help of an attorney.

Our Legal Team Helps Injured Workers

Our lawyers have dedicated their careers to making sure that injured workers don’t suffer needlessly due to a denieddoctos working to save a life workers’ compensation claim. Together, we work with our clients to:

  • File out and review all paperwork.
  • Speak to the insurance company.
  • Obtain necessary evidence to support the claim.
  • Handle an appeal.

In addition to this, we help our clients determine if they are eligible for other forms of compensation, such as a personal injury lawsuit or disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, social security isn’t just for the elderly. The program is designed to protect U.S. citizens who are suffering from a lack of income, sometimes resulting from an inability to work due to an on the job injury.

However, obtaining these benefits is not easy. In order to prove eligibility, an applicant has to show their income is below a certain amount, prove that they have a physical disability that prevents them from working in any occupation that they were previously employed in and that the injury is expected to be permanent.