The class-action lawsuit filed against five of the eight Queens Social Security appeals judges has brought to light the importance of following through with an appeal after being denied Social Security benefits.

Those who have filed a claim for benefits and have been denied often give up and never follow through because they feel they have no recourse are doing a disservice to themselves and their financial stability. Without the proper financial assistance when you can no longer work, you may not be able to make ends meet. A denial should be investigated by our legal team before you move forward. Those being denied need to turn to legal experts who know the Social Security laws.

In the cases of those applicants involved in the Queens lawsuit, many of the people related they felt disrespected or discriminated against by the judges. It is this belittling in the court system that often results in people who have been denied benefits quitting their pursuit of their claims, no matter how much pain they are in. The inappropriate activities in a courtroom force applicants to continued suffering rather than fear another rejection.

Plaintiffs in the suit were reporting the continued occurrence of legal errors involved in their claim denials. It can be difficult for an applicant to understand the complexities of a Social Security claim denial and therefore many of the claims will ‘go away’. But if you have legitimate medical concerns that keep you from employment, you need legal guidance to navigate through the laws of Social Security.