What a great article, 'How to Set Up a Safety Committee and Reduce Workers' Comp Claims.' With continued assault by insurance companies on workers compensation, both injured workers and employers are put at a disadvantage. In a sense, there is really isn't a  major safety net or return to work provision in New York.  And, if an employer has taken the time to hire and train an employee,  I would think they want that employee back.  A safety committee could help in the first place of avoiding an injury and also finding a way to get the person back to work.


With the continued assault on injured workers not only are the injured workers hurt, but employers are actually being hurt by the insurance companies incessant drive for more and more profit. Many ‘savings’ are rarely passed on to employers in the form of premium savings. The insurance industry has convinced employers that cutting beneifts will help save them money when actually it doesn’t.  So, what is an employer supposed to do, especially one who cares for their employees and has spent time money and effort training employees?  


This article suggests a great idea – to help reduce incidents that lead to work injuries and even create a safety net for helping injured workers get back to work since the State (workers compensation board) and the insurance profit industry don’t really care!  Well done!