Last week’s record temperatures in New York saw three digits accompanied by smothering humidity and heat warnings and advisories issued from Kansas to Maine by the National Weather Service.

When temperatures heat up, New York residents, like the rest of the country, seek water to cool off. People looking to city waterways were warned to stay away due to millions of gallons of raw sewage from a wastewater treatment plant fire were spewed into the Hudson River. Bathing and swimming was prohibited or extremely cautioned against at South Beach on Staten Island, Midland Beach, Sea Gate beach in Brooklyn, and Cedar Grove beach, particularly individuals with medical conditions.

New Yorkers and people around the country were found in increasing numbers in emergency rooms with heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Several fatalities due to the high temperatures were also reported around the country.

If you must work outdoors when it’s extremely hot, be sure to take caution to avoid heat related injuries or illness.

Tolerating the heat of summer needs active safety participation, lots of fluids, and frequent breaks. Even when safety measures are in place, it is still possible to fall victim to the hot sun. If you have suffered heat stroke or other related conditions during work, you need to discuss your potential worker’s compensation claim with a legal professional.