There are millions of working Americans who are injured on the job each year. Injuries from small bruises to broken limbs to deaths have been reported on the job due to numerous reasons, especially neglect of safety concerns in the workplace.

Two of the most common reasons people suffer injuries in the job include:


There are many serious injuries that have resulted from workers playing around on the work floor. Practical jokes, pranks, and wasting time have led to some of the more serious injuries on the job, especially when employees ignore basic safety measures. Employers likely have structured rules about what behavior is expected and necessary on the job, including during breaks for lunch. Horsing around or getting physical with another employee can be cause for dismissal and is often the trigger that produces injuries.


When employees work around heavy equipment and dangerous materials, performing jobs they have not been trained or certified to do, serious injuries occur. If you do not know what you are doing, you should avoid job duties you are not prepared to handle. Many times, employers will take shortcuts to get the job done without a lot of hassle and allow untrained employees to do jobs they shouldn’t.

Without proper education and training, all workers on the job are at risk for being hurt. It can only take a moment for something to go wrong due to inexperience. Some employees will feel pressure to do the work they are not trained to do. In the interest of health and safety for everyone on the job, it is better to seek assistance in refusing to do work you are not qualified to do. Speak with human resources and management about the situation and request proper training before proceeding.

It can only take a minute for an accident to occur at work due to neglect on the part of others. Review the safety rules of your employer so you know what is expected from you and resist pressure from others to goof off during work hours. It can cost you not only your job but also your health and well-being.