If you have been suffering with symptoms you can’t explain and your doctor has not been able to come up with a name for what ails you, it can be an extremely frustrating time. Knowing you have something wrong with you but not knowing what it is can be mentally and physically draining. The many appointments seeking a correct diagnosis will likely take you away from your family and make you miss days at work.


In addition to the doctor appointment hassles, your symptoms may also be making it difficult for you to perform your job duties. You may find you are missing a lot of work due to your medical problems. Without a proper diagnosis, it can be near impossible to coordinate your work schedule with your medical issues. This can complicate your job stability. At a time when you need medical insurance and financial support the most, you could be at risk for losing your employment.


When dealing with mysterious medical conditions and unexplained symptoms, it may be necessary to be upfront with your employer about the difficulties you’ve had regarding your condition. As rare conditions often take a lot of time to diagnose and many have no specific treatments, you may need to consider an extended medical leave or some other suitable arrangement rather than calling off sick from work.


Rare diseases can be devastating and very confusing. It is in your best interest to not give up until you are able to get answers about what is happening to your body. Ensure your job is informed of your impending efforts to care for your health and well-being as a priority.