Raimundo Rodriguez, a 49-year-old worker with All Faiths Cemetery in Middle Village, was injured in a fall on Monday, February 6th. Rodriguez was on the job around 12:50 PM when he fell into a 6-foot open grave on the site. According to reports, three additional workers fell into the grave on top of Rodriguez, who sustained a broken ankle in the fall. 

Apparently the crew had been working on removing the casket-lowering machine from the grave when the fall took place. The workers tumbled in while attempting to remove the machine, and they landed on the casket. Rodriguez said that "The plank broke and we fell with it. One of my co-workers fell on my foot. That's what did it." Rodriguez was transferred to the Elmhurst Hospital Center ER for his injuries. 

Although many people might be frightened by the prospect of finding themselves suddenly at the bottom of a 6-foot grave, Rodriguez said that was not his main concern. Rodriguez, a 25-year employee of All Faiths Cemetery, stated that "The grave didn't bother me. What bothered me is that I fell in a hole." 

The Queens workers’ compensation lawyers with Markhoff & Mittman, PC extend our best wishes to Mr. Rodriguez and his family. We hope that he is able to experience a full and speedy recover from his broken ankle.

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