Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution for handling a disability and every individual is affected different by their condition. In the case of fibromyalgia sufferers, being eligible for Social Security disability benefits may not be a cut and dry subject.

First it is important to know that a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is not an easy one to get. Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes the body to experience chronic episodes of pain in the joints, muscles, and body tissue. It can result in feelings of constant fatigue and cause sufferers to lack concentration which can also result in a long-term depression. All of these factors may not automatically qualify you for Social Security disability benefits either.

The federal regulations can require proof of a severe impairment that prevents a person from performing their normal tasks including their job duties. If the condition is prohibiting your ability to work and earn a living, you may be eligible for such benefits. However, it can be very difficult to prove this claim on your own.

Our experienced legal team can help you define your disability related to fibromyalgia so your claim for benefits won’t be denied. Making errors on your claim application can result in an ineligible result an your claim will not be considered further.

If you are dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms that are leaving you unable to work, contact our office for a free consultation of your claim. If you qualify for Social Security benefits due to your condition, we will go through the entire process with you from start to finish to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.  You should also download our FREE Report – The Disability Guys’ Guide to Fibromyalgia and Federal Social Security Disability Benefits.