The job of a doctor of osteopathy is to examine the entire body to diagnose dysfunctional parts and systems. One of the things a DO will want to investigate is problems you have had in the past that have contributed to your limitations today. Your inability to heal may be due to prior trauma that was never properly diagnosed or rectified.

If your physician has referred you to a doctor of osteopathy it is important to stick with your appointments. It may be somewhat uncomfortable undergoing such a hands-on treatment process but if the treatment will help your body move more freely and heal more effectively, it will certainly be worthwhile.

In order to help your appointment go more smoothly, sit down prior to your visit and list all of the problems, pain, and trauma you’ve experienced in the past prior to your current accident/injury. Visiting with a new doctor can be intimidating and a lot of information is likely to be discussed. This may cause you to forget important details that can really be of value to the DO. The more effective you can communicate with your DO the more likely your treatment plan will be right on target. Don’t rely on other doctors’ medical records to provide the overall picture of your past.


If you have been referred to a doctor of osteopathy, maintain your initial appointment and subsequent treatment visits. The recommendations for healing are going to be a vital part of your recovery. While some treatments may seem unnecessary, it is the DO’s job to ensure all parts of the body are functioning properly and effectively.