Those who must work with injuries in order to keep up their income may also have to continue medication therapy for pain management of a work-related injury or for medical conditions. A recent ruling by the Workers Compensation Board shows that it is not uncommon for individuals on prescription medication under the supervision of their doctor to accidentally overdose on these drugs or suffer a bad reaction. The consequences can be life-altering or even fatal.

When you hear the words ‘accidental overdose’ many people initial think the individual who overdosed had a drug addiction but that is not true in all cases. Many situations involve the patient being treated having undiagnosed medical conditions that are worsened by the medications or the combination of drug therapies prove to be harmful or fatal.

Accidental overdoses may occur when the person taking the medication takes more than their normal dosage without realizing it. They may also suffer a bad reaction from the medication causing them to not be able to think clearly or logically.

It is true that some injured workers have admitted to becoming addicted to the prescription medication being used to treat chronic pain and medical conditions. These cases can end badly not only for the injured worker but also for their co-workers when they show up to work under the influence. Accidents can happen when prescription drugs are used improperly and can be a huge threat to the health and safety of the entire workplace.

If you are being treated for chronic pain with medications that could potentially affect your job, you need to discuss the matter with your doctor and your supervisor. While you may be tempted to show up to work to keep earning a living, doing so can prove disastrous.