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Policeman Fights for Disability Pension

NYPD officers who become disabled as a result of doing their jobs are suppose to receive a generous, but deserved, pension that pays 75 percent of their salary, tax-free. Listed that benefit and actually giving it to disabled officers, however, are two different things.

One unnamed officer has learned that lesson the hard way. Between 2002 and 2004, the officer worked in conjunction with the FBI in an undercover case that put him in close proximity to boxers in Las Vegas. Many of the boxers were brought into the country illegally from South America.

While working in the ring, the officer was repeatedly exposed to the blood of injured boxers. This officer, keep in mind, was not watching fights from afar. He was helping boxers train and recover from blows. He was in there with them.

During this time, he contracted hepatitis, a blood-borne disease that can negatively impact the liver.

When the officer applied for disability, though, the NYPD pension fund said that it would award him 75 percent of his salary. He, however, would have to pay his own taxes.

The officer, who is clearly brave enough to undercover in the boxing world, which has a reputation for illegal, violent activity, stood his ground by suing the pension fund, the city, and the NYPD commissioner.

Recently, that suit when to court, where Judge Alice Schlesinger ruled in the officer’s favor. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that the officer will get his deserved pension. Hopefully, the NYPD will review its decision and come to a conclusion that actually considers the facts and its obligations.


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