On Tuesday, September 20th, a construction accident in Harlem left 18 people injured, including a construction worker and two police officers who were injured on the job.

The 5-story building, located at 301 West 125th Street, was in the process of being demolished at the time of the accident. Debris from an upper floor of the building fell on the street side. The debris took down scaffolding being used for the project, as well as on a bus at a stop to pick up passengers. One witness reported that, "Everything came down. I could see that because I just came from down that direction. It's all in the street and all over. It's sad."

The Department of Buildings said that there had been a previous complaint of fallen bricks near the site, which was made a few weeks ago on September 7th. The Deputy Mayor for Operations stated, "We're gonna do a full investigation here."

Although 18 people were injured in the accident, none of the injuries are thought to be life threatening. Early reports from an inspection of the site did not find any safety violations. Work crews will be trying to get the area cleared as soon as possible.

The Harlem workers' compensation lawyers with Markhoff & Mittman, PC, are relieved to hear that none of the injuries were thought to be life threatening after this frightening accident.