A project supervisor working at Ames Plaza in Plattsburgh was injured on the job by falling debris on August 25th. The work crew was part of an asbestos-removal company helping to dismantle the Ames Plaza shopping center.

As the roof of the shopping center was taken apart, some debris from the project reportedly fell from the roof area. A worker was using a hose on the building as the collapse took place and was trapped beneath the debris. Rescue workers were called in from the District 3 Fire Department, the CVPH Medical Center, the State Police, and the local police. The man was freed around 9:15 AM and transported to CVPH Medical Center for treatment. His name has not yet been released.

According to reports at the site, the worker was able to speak to rescuers during the extraction. His worksite injuries are not thought to be serious at this time, although no further information about his condition has been released.

Your New York workers' compensation lawyers know that worksite accidents happen all the time and without warning. We hope this injured construction worker makes a full recovery and can be back on his feet soon.