There are many people who juggle a lot of things during the holidays in addition to work. You may be tempted to take a sick day to finish your holiday shopping but make sure it won’t jeopardize your job security. There are rules to follow about taking days off so make sure you follow the protocol or you may not have a job come the new year.

There is another concern about taking unscheduled days off of work. With the winter weather on the way, you may end up using sick days before you actually need them. Cold and flu season is here and the changing temperatures may mean that you’ll wake up one day unable to get out of bed but without the sick days to call off work.

Winter weather also brings about safety concerns. When the snow starts to fall and you have to commute to work, there is the possibility of safety concerns about your drive. You may even get injured on a patch of ice during your routine walk to work. Injuries that are legitimate and require your time off from work can be devastating to your pay if you have used all your sick time for frivolous reasons.

If you are injured on the job and have to file for workers compensation but have a less-than-stellar attendance track record, you can put yourself in a position of not having a job to come back to when you have recovered. If you are new on the job, make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the company’s attendance policies. If you have to take time off during the holidays for travel or preparation, plan those days in advance and be sure you have the time to use without compromising your job stability.