The insurance industry is growing concerned about the amount of patients being treated with high doses of power pain medications due to the increased costs and longer delays in getting injured workers back on the job. While insurance companies are paying billions of dollars each year to cover the costs of narcotic treatments for routine work-related injuries, there is a higher price being paid by some employees.

Narcotic pain medications like OxyContin are becoming a concern of epidemic proportions. Those being treated with the strong medications often become plagued with fatigue and find it difficult to resume their normal activities in a reasonable period of time following their injury. Many patients treated with opioids are also finding themselves addicted to the pills for the long-term. Not only are injured workers having to deal with recovery from their injuries on the job, they are faced with trying to recover from the cycles of addiction.

Addiction to pain pills becomes not only a financially costly problem but also one that can rob you of your normal life, leaving you unable to return to work or any of your regular activities. The cost of rehabilitation can also create an obligation you are unable to meet. For those with addictions that spiral out of control, there may be costs associated with criminal activity and legal fees.

If your medical provider is quick to prescribe powerful painkillers, consider asking for alternative treatments especially if you have concerns about addiction. If you have a workers compensation claim concern, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.