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The neighborhood of Highlands is located in the southwestern region of the city of White Plains, New York. It sits in the southern section of Westchester County. Nearby communities include Scarsdale, Hartsdale, and West Harrison. Old Mamaroneck Road travels along the eastern edge of the neighborhood. Other roadways include Hartsdale Avenue, Bryant Avenue, and Stratford Avenue.

Early History

During the 17th century, the greater area was made up of Dutch settlers. Before the Europeans arrived, the area was mainly used by the Weckquaeskeck tribe as farmland.

Jewish Heritage

As far back as 1907, the community has had a large Jewish population. The Temple Israel Center, located on Old Mamaroneck Road, was first established in 1907. The first synagogue building was built on Fisher Avenue in 1911. The new synagogue was constructed in 1947 thanks to a fundraising campaign.

Another Jewish institute is the Bet Am Shalom, founded in 1955. Twenty members founded the Beth Shalom Synagogue in March 1956. They did not get a building until 1958 when they purchased an old mansion known as Clovelly. Beth Shalom and Bet Ami joined together in 1967 to form the Bet Am Shalom.

Parks & Recreation

There are a few parks for the residents to enjoy outdoor activities within the community. Ralph Field, located on the corner of Ralph Avenue and Hartsdale Avenue, has many open spaces. Some of the park’s amenities include:

  • baseball field
  • soccer field
  • open fields

Giraffe Park is another open field and is located at the end of South Lexington Avenue.


The neighborhood is made up of wealthy households. It has a higher average income than 98.8% of other neighborhoods in the country. Additionally, less than 0.6% of the children live below the federal poverty line. Some of the common occupations held by the working residents include:

  • 74.6%  executive, management, and professional fields.
  • 11.5% sales and service jobs
  • 9.1% clerical, assistant, and tech support roles
  • 4.9% manufacturing and laborer careers

As many as 13.4% of the residents were born outside of the United States. The community has a large population of Irish residents. Many of the common ancestries include:

  • Italian (20.9%)
  • Irish  (16.0%)
  • German (8.2%)
  • Eastern European (7.0%)
  • Russian (6.7%)

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