Those employed in jobs that often take them outdoors especially in the warm summer months need to take precautions about protecting themselves from the dangers of Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be transmitted by the bite of a tick. There are reports that the tick population is particularly high this year which means outdoor workers are at greater risk.

Employees who are working in grassy or tree-covered areas such as landscapers, tree trimmers, road maintenance, and even construction workers should be provided a reliable tick repellent and be informed about the prevention methods for avoiding tick bites. Appropriate clothing should be worn on the job, including clothing and accessories that cover the skin as much as possible.

Every employee should know how to check their skin for ticks and understand the importance of removing ticks properly and immediately from the skin. If left to feed for long periods of time, the transmission of Lyme disease risks increase. Being proactive about tick identification and removal can spare you the chronic pain of progressive Lyme disease.

It may not be easy to avoid ticks in your work environment but be sure to use the tools provided by your employer to protect yourself from tick bites and other outdoor dangers. Use repellant sprays and sunscreens to protect your body when working outdoors. Many of the health conditions that can develop from exposure to the outdoors may not appear right away. It can take several years for signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, skin cancer, and other skin conditions to develop.