There are a lot of summer jobs that appear to be a whole lot of fun. Those who work seasonally outdoors in amusement parks, as lifeguards, national parks, and in other capacities may have an ideal and exciting job doing what they love to do but they also can be at risk for specific summer-related injuries and problems.

Nature is a wonderful thing but it can also cause problems for people who are exposed to certain parts of nature. Take for instance an outdoor worker who is highly allergic to poison ivy and walks through it as part of their job or an employee of the outdoors who is stung by a bee and soon cannot breathe properly, going into anaphylactic shock.

There are serious consequences to summer work for some people and it is important employers realize that proper preparation to prevent such incidents is just as important as training other workers to know how to handle emergencies. For this reason, it is important for employees to divulge specifics about possible medical emergencies so their co-workers know how to react properly and in a timely manner, which can ultimately save lives.

Workers also need to be properly prepared to work in the elements of summer when outdoors. Using sunscreen, wearing protective sunglasses, and dressing appropriately for the temperatures all are important parts of work preparation for summer safety. Remember to drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Be sure to alert your employer if you are feeling the effects of high temperatures and humidity which will require you seek shade and rest.