For those that have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is important to keep up with doctor recommendations on improving diet and exercise routines. Medications may also be necessary to prevent additional bone loss especially as people age. It is also important for those with osteoporosis to help prevent further loss of bone density by limiting alcohol intake and not smoking. Both habits can speed up the loss of bone and prevent calcium from being absorbed properly into the body.

When dealing with osteoporosis, it is also important to be careful in your daily life. With bone loss, you may be more prone to broken bones after what others may consider a simple fall. Consider the many stories you hear about elderly people breaking a hip after a simple trip and fall. Because bones are thinner when bone density is lost, breaking multiple bones after a fall can be a serious concern.

It is important to consider your risk of falls daily at home and at work. Make sure there are no objects on the floor or stairs of your home or in your work environment that can cause you to trip and fall. Wear shoes that are skid-proof and without a high heel that can cause you to lose your balance. Make sure throw rugs are secured to prevent unnecessary accidents. For older individuals that have difficulties in walking or moving, it may be necessary to install specialty items in the home especially in the shower. Installing bars or seating in your shower can help prevent slip and fall accidents. If you perform manual labor on the job, make sure there are proper safety precautions for you to follow to prevent accidents that can lead to bone breaks.