ATW Automation has received a citation from OSHA after a worker died from injuries received while working at the Dayton, Ohio facility. The company is facing $63,000 in fines for nine OSHA violations after a worker received blunt force trauma injuries when he was caught up in a conveyor system and pinned in place during a power-down process. The worker survived the accident but died a week later from his injuries.


The violations by ATW include:


  • Failure to conduct and document inspections of specific energy procedures in several departments which is a repeat offense.


  • Failure to guard the area around the roller lift conveyor to keep workers safe from moving parts.


  • Failure to provide personal protective equipment for working metal grinding wheel.


  • Failure to ensure workers are using proper safety glasses.


  • Failure to train employees on using personal protective measures when working with electrical equipment.


  • Failure to implement proper lockout/tagout program for machines and failure to notify workers about power-down conditions.


  • Failure to develop energy control procedures for equipment.


  • Failure to train workers on methods for isolating and lock out of all energy sources for machines in several departments.


  • Failure to conduct regular testing of insulated rubber gloves used with electrical equipment work.


ATW has 15 business days to make a decision on contesting the fines instituted by OSHA.