OSHA has several tips that could help keep workers safe during storms. Employers should make sure that they provide appropriate training and equipment to keep their workers safe and avoid costly workers’ compensation payouts.

Hazards Often Created by Intense Storms

Intense storms can create a wide range of hazards. Some of the most common hazards during a storm include

  • falling objects that can strike employees
  • slippery conditions that can cause falls
  • vehicle accidents
  • burns caused by electrical equipment or fires
  • exhaustion from hours of strenuous work

Keeping Employees Safe During Intense Storms

Luckily, there are several things that employers can do to prevent accidents during storms. To reduce risk of injury, employers should consider


  • sending employees home or bringing them inside
  • giving employees safety goggles and support
  • asking drivers to pull over in poor conditions
  • reminding workers to stay away from downed lines until professionals take care of the situation
  • giving employees frequent breaks to avoid exhaustion


Whether it’s a windstorm or a winter storm, these conditions can lead to elevated risks that put your employees in danger.


Recognizing a Bad Storm


How do you know whether a storm presents a danger to your employees? News channels forecast inclement weather to help you decide whether you should send workers home. You should also heed any evacuation notices. If authorities want people to evacuate the area, you should send your employees home as soon as possible so they can secure their property before leaving.