OSHA has fined Met Weld International, LLC for serious violations that could cause an on-the-job injury in Altamont. The inspection started in April of this year for the plant on Ostrander Road. The result was 21 New York workplace safety and health standards violations.

Edward Jerome, Albany-area director for OSHA, said, "The inspection identified a cross section of hazards that expose employees to the dangers of fire, lacerations, insufficient respiratory protection, hearing loss, being struck by a vehicle, and being caught in unexpectedly activated machinery."

Of these violations, there were 8 serious violations that make up the bulk of the potential fine, including:

  • An unsecured power press
  • An unguarded grinder
  • Fire extinguishers that were blocked or unmounted
  • Improper storage of flammable liquid
  • An auger that did not have its power source shut down while employees cleared jams

Met Weld International, LLC, which is involved in the manufacture of power generation processing, will be facing $49,210 in fines and has 15 days to comply, contest the findings, or otherwise work with OSHA on these violations.

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