On-the-job winter weather injuries are not uncommon in New York. The snow, ice, and cold weather bring many hazards, including obvious hazards (like slip and fall injuries) and less obvious hazards (like carbon monoxide poisoning). As New York workers’ compensation lawyers, we’d like to remind everyone that, although not every work-related cold weather injury can be avoided, it is still wise to take a little extra caution when you see the temperatures drop or the snowflakes start to fall. 

One of the best ways to avoid work-related cold weather injuries in New York is to be aware of the potential dangers and use extra caution. If you have to be at work during bad weather, keep in mind that you may be exposed to hazards such as:

  • Winter-weather driving accidents on slippery roads
  • Wet or slippery ladders, scaffolding, etc. 
  • Slip and fall injuries on the ice outdoors or the wet floors indoors
  • Exposure to cold weather leading to exhaustion, frostbite, dehydration, and/or hypothermia
  • Snow-removal injuries, such as back strain, “slipped” discs, or even a heart attack from the exertion in extreme temperatures.
  • Roof collapses from the weight of snow and snow removal.
  • Temperature changes or the weight of snow causing objects to fall, like tree limbs or icicles
  • Failure of vehicles or equipment in extreme weather
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning caused by snow-packed exhausts

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