According to the New York Worker’s Compensation Board, there is a change coming for those who seek travel reimbursement costs.

The Board’s Chair, Robert E. Beloten posted a notice on the Board’s website stating that the mileage rate for reimbursement for automobile travel will now be at the same rate for management and confidential state employees.

Effective July 1, 2011, the mileage rate will be 55.5 cents for each mile. All claimants who are entitled to receive travel reimbursement costs will be allowed to receive the new rate.

Traveling to a doctor for work-related injuries may entitle claimants to receive reimbursement whether they used their own vehicle, paid taxi fare, or road public transportation to and from the medical provider’s office. Claimants should be logging all trips to the medical provider’s offices as well as for subsequent appointments with therapists, specialists, and for insurance exams.

The New York State Workers Compensation Board does adjust the amount of reimbursement per mile on a regularly basis.


Note: Workers compensation clients of Markhoff & Mittman law offices can download and print a copy of travel-related expense log to track their expenses and appointments.